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How To Be Healthy In the Modern World

How To Be Healthy In the Modern World 

how to be healthy

The Different Ways To Be Healthier :

1. Exercise Daily Without Fail : 

       Exercising Daily Makes Us Healthy And Fit This Physical Activity Called Exercise Make Us Fit And Prevents us From Getting Illness The Exercise Helps Us To Improve Our Immunity , Exercising Reduces The Effects of stress on us , as stress causes many health issues like depression and sadness and other bad health conditions 

 Effects of Stress :


 Grey hair formation in early ages of life like even 18 years   old young people get grey hairs due to   stress.

 Weight gain in some people and Weight loss in some 
 people .



So to avoid the ill effects of stress exercise regularly , exercise is the key to good health.

2.Eat Healthy Foods :

  Avoid the unhealthy foods you eat which are oil filled junk foods  . 
Eating oily food they contain fats which are not able 
to get digested and this gives pressure to your body and that's 
not healthy for you so walk often during office hours , do not sit for too long .  
Eat mostly or much of fresh foods than freezed foods .
Eat vegetables a lot . 
Eat fruits a lot .

how to be healthy

How To Be Healthy In the Modern World

 Effects of Eating Junk or Fried Foods :

  Your Digestive system will not work properly  .

  you will get ill now and then eating junk food .

  eating oil food will cause digestive system work hard .

  you will get Gut illness like GERD problems .

  you will get cough by eating lot of oily foods .

3.Sleep well :

   Sleep is very essential to our bodies , sleep is the key to shear physical strength without sleep we 

cannot perform our daily routines , Sleeplessness is also one of the main reasons you 

become prone to diseases this habits of sleeplessness is very bad to our body so avoid 

being awake in the night.

Steps to get Sleep Quickly

 Avoid Unnecessary Thoughts While going to sleep .

 Stop thinking about your business during going to sleep .

 Eat foods in the night which helps you get sleep .

 Meditate if you don't get  sleep .

4. Meditate to have a Healthy Mind and Body :

 meditation is the best healthy practise in the world to be healthy " how to be healthy " is 
question a lot of people ask and search in the internet as this topic is necessary to be 
shared to every person in the world , Meditation helps in Relaxation . the breathing 
exercises used in meditation helps our body to gain good oxygen  supply to all parts of our 
body as this good to our body , Some people say meditation will helps you get supernatural 
powers so who knows try meditations you may also acquire super powers , and actually this 
is true many have proved it and science is agreeing with meditation .

5. Practice Drinking Water as much possible :

 whenever you feel thirsty don't neglect that fact and try to drink water leaving all the work pressure because water is very basic necessity of to be healthy you have to drink water as much as possible , without drinking sufficient Water in this modern world you will acquire many health issues .

Set a time to drink water .

use apps which help you track the water drinking stats.

achieve your goals by drinking a lot of water as this is very good for your health. 

Drinking water helps us to wash out toxins in the body if you avoid drinking water toxins will remain in your body and it is bad for your health and you again search in the internet how to be healthy .

practise drinking water

6. Make a habit to Play Outdoor Games :

how to be healthy , again the answer to this question is Simple just follow simple techniques and learn from the kids 
what they do that is simple play like a kid and sleep like a kid 
Playing will keep our body fit and playing helps to keep our body in good shape , our body is naturally designed to do more outdoor activity as we the modern people don't go out and play we prefer indoor games like video games and use mobiles for playing games , and this is bad for our body and health so always try to play outdoor games which are good to your health . how to be healthy is the question required to asked to yourself to be healthy and make the changes in the life to be healthy .

7.Make a Healthy Chart On Doing Helpful Things For your body :

How to practise to be healthy in the unhealthy world to this question the answer is in the title and to how to do it is by making the healthy chart a habit by making it a daily routine and then keep on practising it on through out your life and this is all about our mindset for that just insist your thoughts on how to be healthy and that makes us feel us  to be healthy

an example of health chart is shown in the picture and you can add your custom designing and additional methods on how to be healthy .

This technique is exactly like a to do list chart .
how to be healthier

8.Control Stress Plays a prominent role in how to healthier in life :

 In the olden days people used to have little stress and the stress level of the people in the modern age is very high compared to stress levels of people in the olden days and this when the level of stress compared to people in rural sides and people in cities have more stress this is due to their work pressure and tensions in the office and on the road the traffic also causes a little stress and this things does not exist in the village so the village people are more healthy when compared to city people
In Villages you get :

You will get Fresh oxygen rich air .

In city you get carbon dioxide , carbon monoxide filled air .

you get fresh foods in the Villages .

No Stress and No tensions in the Village.

Clean water is Available in the villages with fresh and good microbes filled in the water which are essential for our body .

villages have no traffic , so traffic free you can travel stress freely .

Methods to relieve stress and Depression to be Healthy :

Playing with your kids or with kids helps you to control stress 
by playing with kids  you will be happy and peaceful and this is the best actually scientifically proven method .

playing with your pets like cats and dogs also helps you get the control over your stress .

avoid anger by anger management techniques this will help you to manage stress and live healthy .

These are the few ways suggested but still there are many ways to stay healthy .

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