15 Real Facts Of Canada | Amazing Facts About Canada

The Amazing Facts About Canada | 15 Real Facts About Canada.

    Are You Interested in Knowing Mind Blowing Facts About Canada Then This Article is For You.

The amazing and cool and chilling and exact and real facts about Canada.The amazing facts about Canada.

1.Canada is the second largest country in the World :
       Yes now you have the question which is the first largest country the answer is Russia,yes Canada stands right after Russia.And for knowledge the third largest country is United States Of America.

Canada Flag
Canadian Flag
2.Canada has the Largest Coastline in the world :
        Yes Canada has the largest coastline in the world with the amazing 202,080 you get the questions of which is the second this time you google it i will tell about third and fourth they are Greenland and Russia.The amazing facts about Canada are continuing don't miss

coastline canada

3.Canada Stands 38th Place in terms of Population :
         Yes Canada stands 38th Place in terms of population
with the population of 36.29 Million As already you know the population of China i.e  1.379 billion and stands first in terms of population.
Canada population

4.The U.S and Canadian Border is the Longest International Border in the world :
      Yes that's true And Border has least security because U.S and Canada are friendly countries.

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5.Residents of Churchill(Canada) Leave there car door Unlocked : 
    Yes that a true fact because in Churchill Polar bears are more So to avoid or escape an confrontation with polar bear the residents leave the car door unlocked for safety.for the pedestrians who might encounter Polar Bears.

Polar bear staring
Polar bear roaming

6.Canada has third largest oil Reserves of any country :
      Yes Canada has the third largest oil reserves of any country in the world after Saudi arabia and Venezuela.

oil reserves canada
oil reserves canada

7.Canada has the more fresh water lakes in the Country than most of all countries combined.

fresh water

8.The Purity of tap water in canada is more pure than bottled water .

9.Canadian Mint has created a coin of $1,000,000 which is actually usable.

10.Canada has high literacy ratio and is the most educated country in the world.

canada literacy

11.Canada has Less gravity compared to other countries of the world.

12.Canada has prison's for Polar Bears who actually breaks into the houses of the resident's so sad bears.

polar bears
Polar Bear

13.People of canada write letters to Santa claus.Every Christmas,1 million people write these letters to Santa.

14.Canada has Santa's Postal Code " H0H 0H0 ".

15.Studies Show that people of Canada are the second happiest people in the world.


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