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How To Break Gadgets Addiction ?

How To Break Gadgets Addiction ? 

The Popular Post Of Breaking Gadgets Addiction :

 The Average Person Uses His Gadgets or Mobile Phones is 25-30 Times But an Addicted Person checks his devices 100 times a day or more Now Coming the the topic How to break Gadgets Addiction ? I'm Going to Tell you Simple Steps to Monitor Your Activity and how to Break it in these Post.

How You get Addicted :

When You are using your Smart Phone or laptop you will be distracted by Some Good articles in facebook or news in your phone or while playing a game in your Smart Phone Daily you Get a Excitement and that time your brain releases some chemicals which is Exactly Related to addiction Chemicals in your brain, What Is That Chemical ? find out your selves and comment.
That is a study Suggested That When your Checking your Facebook The Activated regions in your brain is similar to The Regions That affected by Drugs. So it Makes you comfortable by making you a Addict.So avoid using your Gadgets Much.

To See The effects of Addiction of Gadgets Check My Post Effects of gadgets addiction  " Gadgets Addiction Disadvantages ".

Breaking Phone Addiction

1.Monitor Your Addiction Habits :

     I Recommend You guy's Use Apps on Play store Like Break free And Other Apps Like Break Free And Monitor your  Usage First and Slowly Reduce Your Addiction In This Method.

2.Delete The Addictive Apps :
   After Monitoring Your Daily usage Make a list of top Apps That you are Using More Then Delete the Excessive Apps and Main App The Consumes your time more.

3.Set Limits When to Use :
     Set Limits when and at what time you should Use Your Phone then Try to Keep it That way Setting Limits is The Best Type of method to get relief over Addiction.This Method Can Make you Feel Good in Few Days of Practicing 

4.Go Physical :
       Going Physical here Means that You Have to Delete Your Virtual Game and Go and Play The Real Game Physically Like playing Basketball,Cricket,Baseball etc...
This Habit Will Bring your Fitness Back.And Visit a gym and train instead of Addiction.

5.Become Social :

     Become Social Here Means Using Facebook or twitter is not Social.Social Means talk to people Share each others time and Talk Much with friends and Family.

By Using The Suggested Methods You can Slowly Recover Your Addiction to the Smart Gadgets.

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