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Tuesday, 16 January 2018


The Gadgets Addiction :

  One Of the Most Things now searched By Parents in the internet is How to Relieve Mobile Phone addiction of their children's and How to Relieve Kids Gaming Addiction.Parents Search these things Because They love their kids and want them to socially Engage with friends and family But Due to the Interestingness and  Addictiveness of the new games in the market Kids and Even Adults are also Getting Addicted to the Games This Addiction is Reffered as Internet Addiction Disorder.So What are the Disadvantages Getting Addicted to Games Or Gadgets :
Gadgets Addiction effects

1.You will get Back Problems From Desktop Addiction :
      you have to sit Straight to work in desktop but Sitting more causes you guys get back problems. 

2.Addiction Of Gadgets will make less Active :
      Less Activity Leads to Many Problems like Health issues like Diabeties, Haemaroids etc...

3.Makes You Less social :
     By Addicting to gadgets you want to spend more time with the Gadgets and will Become less social like unable to spend time with friends and family.

4.Eye Problems :
     By staring at your gadgets your eyes will get drained and Unknowingly Blinking your eyes also becomes less and this Leads to Dry Eyes Which is Called Dry eye Syndrome.

5.Insomnia :
     Insomnia is called as Sleeplessness This is a Sleeping disorder and lead to Stress of the Body.

6.Mental Stress :
     Mental Stress is caused by Playing Games and Lead to Health Issues Like Diabeteis and hairfall etc...

7.Ear Problems :
      Listening to Music With High Volume Leads to Ear Problems.

8.Radiation :
      Radiation Is Very Harmfull to our Bodies Mobile Release Radiation So Avoid Usage of Mobile Pones. 

By Addiction of these Gadgets Children's have to Face All these Types of Disadvantages From The Gadgets So Rather than getting addicted to these things You Guys have to Use them for only Informational And only for little time pass So parents So do not allow your kids to get addicted to the gadgets and Make Them Suffer with these Disadvantages.  

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